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начало за нас услуги проекти кариера контакти

1. Creating a company

On 12.02.2004 was a company file № 90/2004 years of Vratsa District Court registered a company with limited liability SITISTROI – 2000 Ltd., pursuant to Article 4, paragraph 2 of TZ with decision № 229/12.02 .2004 years with major activities: industrial and civil construction.

Manager: eng. Ivan Mitcov Ivanov

The company is certified systems ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 9001:2008.
Member of the House of Death in Bulgaria and is registered in the Central register of professional builder.


2. Steering potential

"SITISTROI – 2000 Ltd., Vratsa has qualified staff with many years of rich experience in construction. Engineering and technical direction is exercised by:

Name Surname Position
1. eng. Ivan Mitcov Ivanov Manager
2. eng. Irena Ivanova Civil engineering
3. eng. Velislava Velcheva Civil engineering
4. Dimitar Vasilev Technician Engineering and Architecture
5. eng. Galin Ivanov Technician Engineering and Architecture
6. eng. arch. Cvetomir Ivanov Technician Engineering and Architecture
7. Temenujka Bogdanova Head of Accountant
8. Snezhana Ivanova Head of transport
9. Galina Tsvetkova Technical Secretary
10. Peter Genchev Head store


3. Production facilities

  1. Warehouse with an area of 5 650.00 sq. m.
  2. Fixtures and equipment yard
  3. Storerooms 850.00 sq. m.
Office premises

  1. Administrativna building 420.00 square meters
  2. Pomoshtni offices 60.00 sq. m.


4. Equipment


1. Vehicle Make - Mercedes Model - 315D type vehicles - freight
2 . Vehicle Make - Mercedes Model - 315D type vehicles - passanger
3 . Vehicle Make - Mercedes Model ATEGO type vehicles - mobile crane
4 . Vehicle Brand - Iveco Model Daily Type of vehicle - freight
5 . Vehicle Make - Mercedes Model - 2640. Type of vehicle - gondola
6 . Bus - 53 seats


1. Combined excavator - loader HIDROMEK 102B
2. Mini excavator IHI 30V4
3. Mini wheel loader - GEHL 4640 TURBO
4. Forklift
5. 1390 kg roller - NTC VT 090H
6. 800 kg roller - AMMANN AR65


1.Skele set
2.Kofrazhni lanes
5.Ramkov aluminum sheeting for walls Optical
8.Test machines
17.Benzinovi perdashki
20.Poyalnik polypropylene
21.Mashina for marble
22.Mashina for bending fixtures
23.Boyadzhiiska machine
27.Mashini for grinding of concrete
28.Towing machine and cutting for fitments - f6 ÷ f10


5. Executive staff

Currently the company has 48 employees registered NKID 4120 as:
Driver-suppliers fayansadzhii, kofrazhisti, mason-oiler, el.tehnitsi, water specialists, painters, tinman, armaturisti and general workers.

Currently the company participated in a project for training and raising qualification under OP Human Resources Development, which was completed successfully and is funded by the ESF and the State Budget of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The staff of Sitistroi – 2000 Ltd. Vratsa is motivated, the end product met the company is at meeting the requirements of the customer.
Completed projects are evidence of quality work, and demand and confidence of customers - for honesty and high professionalism in the field of construction.